Never thought I’d use a hammer to fix an iPad.

This is a first for me. A friend of mine stopped by for a visit and mentioned that her iPad was all funky. When I asked her to explain, she showed me that the colors were all crazy. I noticed right away that the display was damaged and suggested that she must have dropped it recently. On the contrary, she hit it with a fly swatter over a year ago and the color issue only began yesterday. After laughing about the fly swatter I decided to see if there were any suggested fixes for such a problem, short of sending it out for a new display. Immediately Google presented a number of posts and videos where people were fixing this issue with a hammer. That’s right, just like the one in the picture. So we watched a couple examples and low and behold, the place to tap, and I mean tap lightly, was in the exact same place where her display was damaged. So I pulled out my handy dandy hammer and began tapping. Low and behold, within four taps the color returned to normal. That’s one for the books or Facebooks.

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