1. George R. McMullen Jr.

    The only computer expert I will use. Not only fast to respond but Phil is very involved with his community and does much pro bono work that benefits many charitable organizations. Further his services are at a very reasonable rate…if any potential client has any questions please call my cell phone (313) 549-6363…George McMullen Grosse Pointe Woods

  2. Betsy

    MacKethan Computer Consulting provided, fast and reasonably priced service. Most importantly, he got my laptop up and running again!

  3. Jean Alter-Johnson

    I’ve known Phil for many years. He came to my home to service my computer and was extremely professional. He soon became someone I call friend… he’s a good guy to have.

  4. Ken Welch

    Read all of these reviews and believe every single one of them. The guy with the bow tie is outstanding. He’s exactly what most of us who simply don’t get it when it comes to computers need. I myself am so lame with tech stuff that I asked him to post my review wherever he’d like so I wouldn’t have to get into creating accounts and passwords.
    He could easily cast a superior attitude when it comes to knowing what others don’t but he doesn’t. He’s humble and patient, accommodating and kind and knows his stuff.
    He’s a godsend to all of us who struggle to understand what now every 10 year old knows.

  5. John Birchler

    Phil helped me set up my new Mac. Just walked through the entire process with me and then did a follow up appointment by phone. I hate this kind of stuff. He made it quick and easy.

  6. Penelope Hale

    Great IT guy. Capable, available, and personable. So grateful to have found him.

  7. Ann Rock

    Phil is great at what he does. He’s very patient and thorough. He gives me the time I need and he makes this complex work seem effortless. Thanks to him my new computer was up and running in a couple hours with everything transferred and linked. He is indispensable!

  8. Diane P

    Phil has been our IT guy for several years, and he has always been called to install new software, set-up new computers, printers, iPads, and iPhones. The transition to new computer equipment has always been seamless. He is also very good at working with older computers that have their little problems and need to be “cleaned up” from time-to-time. Additionally, we have used Phil’s expertise when purchasing new equipment. Once he understands our needs, and what we would like the equipment to do, he will make a recommendation for consideration, including the best place to make the purchase.

  9. Fred Woolsey

    Phil has the requisite abilities for the tasks at hand: creativity, responsiveness, patience and an excellent memory. Highly recommended.

  10. Susan Allasio

    Phil had assisted us with several computer problems. He is prompt, professional, and very helpful. He has resolved each of the issues needing attention, in a short period of time.
    He is our “computer guy”.

  11. Ginny de Steiger

    He’s here, he’ there, he’s everywhere. I’m in Florida and he calls me right back when I need him…….and the job is done and the computer works again. Can’t find better service.
    The price is right too.

  12. Lisa Mower Gandelot

    ‘The Guy with the Bowtie’ is so kind and patient with a person who has difficulties maneuvering around easily in the computer, iPhone and the other electronics we have in our world. He is a good teacher and possesses a great sense of humor…certainly helps! I have him on speed dial!

  13. Gary Provenzano

    Phil has been our computer repair person for over a year. He give outstanding service with fair pricing. He is always willing to answer questions over the phone and is very helpful for those of us who don’t really understand computers. I have recommended him to many people including people in my own family. He is also very friendly and easy to talk to.

  14. Bobbie Posselius

    Phil is the best… very personable and professional…. he always comes up with a solution with what ever your problem may be….He’s always on time and never rushes you… I would highly recommend Phil….

  15. Lynn Caldwell

    Phil is the best! He is honest as the day is long and he has never failed me in ridding me of viruses and other creeping things in my computer

  16. Ann Hoag

    In addition to his technical skills, Phil has real people skills. He senses one’s level of expertise and gives explanations that are appropriate to an individual’s level of understanding. The great thing is he solves your problems and does it with humor.

  17. Joe Hudson

    He is our Dr. Phil!

  18. Fred Ollison

    Phil routinely kept me from going crazy with problems on my late computer. He quickly transferred my programs and files onto my new computer to my complete satisfaction, and should a new problem pop up, I know who to call.

  19. Xhafer Orhan

    If Philip can’t fix the problem with your computer it can’t be done.

  20. Kim Marsh

    Phil always knows how to help with all my computer problems. He helps to decide whether to upgrade, or work with the present computer. He also helped set up the new system and forwarding all the information. He has been great!

  21. Janet and Rob Ridder

    MacKethan Computer Consulting has been our computer expert and advisor for both our home and business computers for many years. Phil has been delightful to work with. He is knowledgeable, understandable, very responsive and patient. We would recommend him highly.

  22. Bill Krag

    Mr. MacKethan has been a great help purchasing new equipment, configuring new and existing equipment, setting up an in-home network, transferring data and software from one computer to another, and along the way teaching me many procedures. He is extremely reliable, punctual, and professional. Thus, it is easy to confidently recommend his services.

  23. Carolyn Candler

    Phil is the greatest! He has resolved our computer problems with the least amount of aggravation to us. We appreciate his great service and that he comes to the house.

  24. Diane & Ron Strickler

    Phil has been our computer consultant for 5 years. He is knowledgeable, responsive, and practical and provides cost effective solutions.

  25. John M. Francis

    As a handicapped man, my computer is a real lifeline for me. When the “…computer meanies..” pay a visit to my world, Phil is my computer 911.

  26. Ann Baxter

    Phil is kind, considerate and patient with those of us who are not very computer-savvy, and always tries to find economical solutions to problems before suggesting more costly measures. I keep his contact information nearby at all times… because when I need his help, it’s always an emergency!

  27. Dr. Marquita Bedway

    Mr. MacKethan consistently delivers timely, professional computer consultation. His expertise reduces my stress as he troubleshoots in minutes what would otherwise take me hours!

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